Saturday 11 July 2015

Week 41 & 42: Strive for Progress not Perfection

Key Term: Presentation Presentation Presentation + Last class of first year! 

Strive for Progress not Perfection

So the last two weeks have been focused on presentations... Many of you will know I have a massive fear of public speaking, you know not just the normal nerves before having to speak but proper feel like I'm going to die/panic attack fears when  it comes to speaking in front of more than one person.

If I'm honest I have been dreading this weeks assessed 30 min presentation since I accepted my place on the MSc back in early 2014, so you can properly imagine the state I had got myself into in the run up to this one. The more we did group presentations in class the more I stressed about this individual one because I felt that if I couldn't get through a couple of minutes in a group one in front of the class; how on earth was I EVER going to survive this one all on my own!

But you know what... on Thursday I survived, with no panic attack, projectile vomiting, fainting or bursting into tears and for me that was amazing progress! It was in no way enjoyable and thankfully only in front of 4 classmates, a tutor and an OT from practice; but I did it all the same.  I don't actually think I've done enough to pass because nerves did affect what I could remember and I muddled up what I was trying to say, and sort of left out a lot of the important theory; which you can imagine is really frustrating since this is probably the one assessment I really don't want to have to repeat, but I want to acknowledge the fact that I actually did it!! 

'Woah, we're half way there' (in terms of classes anyways)

This week also signalled the end of classes for first year! We still have one assignment due in mid August but it is the last time we were together as a group. Thursday was also a year on from when most of us met at the orientation day last year so felt only right to celebrate with food. music and fun!

Our cohort are really supportive of each other and I think when times are tough we do try to support and encourage one another  as best we can! Clearly a positive thing since we are training to become occupational therapists.  I'm thankful to have been on the receiving end of this encouragement at various points throughout the year but especially this week! Hopefully I'm returning the favour to others.

Now to enjoy the rest of my weekend off, before getting stuck into my research proposal on Monday!

Keep Smiling! Until next time!

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