Wednesday 22 July 2015

Week 43 & 44: Focus on Research

Key Term: Stay focused!

Classes are finished for summer but there is still work to do! Finding the motivation to stay focused on task has been a challenge the last few weeks. I'm tired and my body seems to think it's over already when it's really not! With one written piece to go before first year is over. I MUST focus!!!

If you have read the last couple of blog posts you'll know I'm working on my research proposal which is due in the middle of August; I spent last week doing lots more reading around my topic and making notes. I'm really interested in the topic (Social Media & CPD) and after a supervisor session today, I'm even more excited about getting to carry the research out next year. But I must rein myself in and focus on the proposal which needs to be done and passed first.

I'm doing the student thing and procrastinating by doing anything else that I can before starting i.e. blogging! But in my defence today as been odd as I'm in Carlisle and there are lots of things to distract me; so I possibly need to get my procrastination out the way today and focus properly tomorrow.

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