Tuesday 4 August 2015

Im proud of my profession

Its been a long day, I really don't want to be sitting in A&E! But I couldn't leave her on her own, not a family member after all! But why is it so hot in here, and why can't I find a water dispenser, I've just ran from the other end of the hospital.  

I work with nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, OTs, radiographer, health care assistants to name but a few on a daily basis! They all do a great job of making sure patients are looked after as best they can be in the hospital 24/7, but you appreciate them just that little bit more when it's one of your relatives sitting there waiting for an X-ray, being seen by the departments OT, nurses and doctors all with the aim of getting her home as quickly and as pain free as possible. 

Thankfully she's fine, with no operations or hospital stay needed, but she is seen quickly and assessed as much as is needed. I'm also glad she's seen by the OT - he's asking the questions I want to ask her but as a relative it's hard to do. He's given her the equipment I think she needs and sending the referrals that will help. But most of all I'm proud that she now sees what I'm training to become, she can experience the difference I will get to make to peoples lives and can understand why I left a full time job to go and study for two years! It will be worth it! I'm proud of the profession I am entering! 

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