Sunday 18 January 2015

Week 17 - PP1.2

Snowy Views on way back to Placement
Key Term: Participation

[PP1 Week 2]

It's hard to believe that another week of placement has flown by already. Week 2 has been a good one for me as my confidence grows in my placement setting. I just about know all the OTs names now so at least that's one achievement (Anyone that knows me well will know the trouble I have with remembering names). I have actually had the chance to participate in some of the OT process (be it only in small ways to assist the OT during assessments) which is helping me learn and understand the theory a lot easier...

I'm learning lots about OT in the community and the importance of building longer term relationships with clients and families, which I haven't really experienced in acute inpatients and how the roles differ because of the setting... It's encouraging to learn how diverse the role of occupational therapists are and the varied activities and tasks they will encounter in the everyday roles.

[Being a 'real' student]

A Successful Cooking Attempt
Another week in student halls, and thankfully still managing to eat without giving myself food poisoning [Mainly thanks to Vicky supervising my cooking attempts].

Also managed to go home for the weekend which was great to see the other half and some friends; I feel really re-energised to start week 3.

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