Monday 12 January 2015

Week 16 - PP1.1

'Trying to brighten up my pin board in halls'

Key Term: Information Overload

[PP1 Week 1]

So the first week of PP1 has come and gone before I have had time to really catch my breath. As most of you will know from previous blog posts, my placement is in community paediatrics, which I have been really looking forward too. 

Week one has been fab if not completely tiring, but the team are great and have been really welcoming to me. I spent a lot of the week out on visits which has been good for getting an overview of what the team do in the community and the type of conditions the children have that they work with. This has giving me lots to think and read about over the week... 

As I go into week two I can already feel my confidence growing as I learn more about the conditions and how they use assessments with the children. 

[Being a 'real' student]

This week has also been week one of staying in 'halls' whilst I'm on placement, which is a first for me as I stayed at home during my first degree... and that has been an odd experience so far, I don't think I'm really accustom to having to go to a laundry room and pay to use the washing machine; and missing my home comforts loads.

I think its hard to prepare for placement normally, but having to move as well adds a little more stress and organisation to the mix which does take a little time to get used too but as the majority of my course mates are in the same boat I can't really moan too much about it, and I am lucky to have a fellow course mate in the same halls as me to keep me company and make sure I don't give myself food poisoning...

[Placement Blog Posts]

I plan to do a small blog post each week whilst on placement and then will do a longer one at the end to sum up... that's the plan at the moment anyways.

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