Friday 2 January 2015

Week 14 & 15 Christmas Holidays and Placement Preparation

Key Term: (Week 14) REST and Relaxation!

I hope you all managed to have a wonderful Christmas; I am really thankful for a bit of a break to spend time with friends and family and forget somewhat about uni for a few weeks... that being said as an OT student I think it's hard to turn off after spending 3 months learning to observe people and their occupations...

I had a moment on Christmas day when we were playing a board game (Logo - really good game if you are looking for a new one!), when a question can up regarding someones occupation (can't for the life of me remember the actual question), which led into a conversation about what occupation actually was - meaningful activities Vs job sort of conversation... Made me realise how proud I already am about our profession of OT and how it helps people's everyday lives!

Walk along the Water of Leith Walkway
The Christmas week also gave me loads of time to rest and relax, which if you have been reading my blog post up to now, you will probably agree is a good thing for me. I got to go on some nice walks around Edinburgh with friends and generally be quite lazy on other days and indulge in some sofa movie time which was fun!

Key Term: (Week 15) Placement Preparation 
The Pentland Hills (Edinburgh)

The week of New Year, was a mixed bag of spending time with family and friends and preparing for placement.  I always find the week between Christmas and New Year as a sort of limbo time where you are never quite sure what day you are on and what to do. Again thankful to have had time to spend with my mum and my husband Pete before moving down to England for a 5 week placement this coming weekend.

I am looking forward to placement starting but know its going to be such a big learning curve. I have been reading up on child development in preparation but know that it is going to be a step out of my comfort zone into an area I don't have any experience in.

Now: off to do some more reading...

My Motto for 2015 
(Which you may need to remind me of throughout the year)

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  1. Love the motto Kelly! Soo true. Great post :)

    1. Thanks Vicky. Now your task, if you choose to accept it. Is to remind me of this...


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