Sunday 21 December 2014

Week 13: Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines...

Key Term: Technology is key to getting a degree...

So classes finished last week, but we still had one assignment to submit before we could really get on with relaxing and enjoying the lead up to Christmas. This meant facing and embracing pebble pad... Which most of the cohort have been avoiding like the plague for the past 12 weeks... I'm thankful that I had played about with it a good few weeks ago so sort of had an idea of how to use it... For anyone reading this who is thinking of MSc at Cumbria - When the tutor says in week 2 to download it and get used to using it... Just trust that they know best and do it! As i know a lot of our class ended up worrying about using it so put it off which led to more stress as the deadline approached... 

I'm not saying I enjoyed using it, as I don't think it is the best software and doesn't do half the things I wanted it to do to make my assignment look the way I wanted it to look... But I guess we dont need to enjoy using software, we just need to accept that it's the required submission method and work as best we can with it. 

Anyways after fighting with pebble pad and being incredibly thankful for RefWorks (A website that stores your references and creates the reference list in the Cite Them Rite format that UoC requires), the assignment was saved by Thursday night... Mainly due to being terrified that if i logged into pebble pad on the Friday, I might forget to log out and it would look like I was in editing it after the deadline!! Can't afford to loose marks over that. It is now time to enjoy a few weeks off before placement starts!! 

I have officially survived the first term of my MSc... If you had told me 13 weeks ago that it would have been such a roller coaster in the first term, would I have started the course?!?! Definitely! No questions asked... Through the laughs, tears and huge moments of confusion, I have met such a great supportive bunch of people and learnt so much even in such a short period of time and reflecting on it now I can honestly say that the more I learn about occupational therapy... The more I want to be an occupational therapist! 

As a wise person said to me a few weeks ago: At the moment we are just baby OTs, finding our way through a course at masters level in a subject we have a limited knowledge in... We aren't expected to know it all yet, otherwise we wouldn't be on a course! 

We need to give our self a little slack and be proud of what we have learnt in the time we have been on the course; which is actually a huge amount so far!!!

Now to go and enjoy a few weeks of rest and recharge my batteries!! 

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