Saturday 24 January 2015

Week 18: PP1.3

Key Term: Expectations

[PP1 Week 3]

This week included the half way report and visit at placement; which I was a little concerned about as I didn't feel I had got involved enough in the OT process to meet the requirements; but by actually taking a step back and looking at it from another viewpoint I really hadn't had time to have the opportunities to get involved at this point in placement; mainly due to only having 9 days in placement when my report was written and it being the first placement. 

After talking to my visiting placement tutor and my educators, I did feel a lot better about it and was reassured this is a normal part of placement. It has led me to wonder what my expectations are for myself and if they are always realistic? I'll openly admit that I am a bit of perfectionist and do often feel that my best isn't good enough. It's a tough one, which I can't really find a balance for at the moment. All I do know is that for me I need to 'Be the best version of me that I can' I need to do the best I can as I go through life and hope that is good enough. 

This week did allow me to get more involved in the OT process, taking part in interventions and actually getting to see how occupational therapy is helping the children that my placement OTs come into contact with. I really enjoyed getting to be involved in the process and feel like I was helping the clients with their goals. I have also been able to help decide on SMART goals for some of the children, I have been getting to work with which is great but has allowed me to focus my own thoughts on the goals I set for my self and whether they are smart! 

  • Specific – The goal needs to be specific as a pose to general!
  • Measurable – The goal needs to be measurable so you can work out if it has been met
  • Achievable – The goal needs to be able to be met... there no point in making wild goals if you can't achieve it
  • Realistic – Is your goal realistic and able to be achieved?
  • Time - what is your time frame to achieve this?

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into week 4 of placement when it starts on Monday, I have a few more treatment sessions planned with the OTTI/OTAs which will give me lots of opportunities for client skills to be developed. 

[Being a 'real' student]

Had a good evening mid week catching up with a few people from course which was nice to do. I didn't really think how much I'd miss seeing everyone from uni when we are all spread across the north of England/Isle of Man on placement. Seeing others from course does make me look forward to being back in uni in a few weeks even if that does mean more essays and presentations! 

Anyways I think I may have procrastinated enough for one day and I should go do some reading for my next uni assignment which the deadline for seems to be getting ever closer!

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