Friday 17 November 2017

Published Research!

If you have been reading my blog since I was a student you may well have read about my research journey as I worked my way through the dissertation module of my MSc. 

It feels so long ago in some ways that it all began with a mind map of ideas and what I thought was far to many questions. Ultimately I learned that through the process that having questions is the key to developing research and it is that desire for answers that drives us to partake in the research process.

I never imagined when I started the research module with little confidence in my research and writing ability that I would ever conduct research and write something that would be good enough to be published. But here we are, nearly a year on from graduation and there is a published article.

I'm incredibly thankful to the Occupational Therapy tutors at University of Cumbria and particularly my dissertation supervisor & personal tutor for fostering the drive and enthusiasm for research. 


Murray, K.  & Ward, K. (2017) 'Attitudes to social media use as a platform for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within occupational therapy', Journal of further and Higher Education, pp.1-15  doi: 10.1080/0309877X.2017.1378313

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