Thursday 8 October 2015

Year 2 Week 2 & 3: Life in the fast lane

Key Term: Assignments!

I feel like I have writers block this week, either that or my brain has turned to mush from all the reading I have done over the past week or so. It has surprised my just how quickly 2nd year has launched into assignment mode which I should have been expecting but it has still surprised me! 

One of our module this term is being delivered in a short fat time frame rather than long and thin so has made the assignment arrive sooner in the year. Our assignment method is also new to me and working out how to prepare for a viva has its challenges! Anyone with any advice or tips please do share!!

I've also been focusing on my ethics for my dissertation which has actually been an alright process so far, I had a really good supervision session on Tuesday which has helped focus what I need to do over next wee while. It feels achievable which is always a plus. 

Just a short update this time but with lots going on hopefully the next few weeks blogs will be fuller. 

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