Sunday 21 June 2015

Week 39: Focus on Interventions

Week 39

Key Term: Intervention

It feels strange having Applied OT twice a week just now, It is making me realise how much I rely on my routines for preparation, and currently feeling a little out of place with my days.  Our groups have changed condition groups for this second half of the module so my learning set now have 'Long term Conditions'.  

It has been really good to start focusing on interventions for different groups of clients and the type of things we might be doing in practice; it is now becoming really good to hear about each others placement experience and learn from each other.  

Our Research module focused on questionnaires this week which is the the method I'm hoping to use for my research so that was a good class, which helped my focus me on the wording of possible questions and the importance of piloting my questionnaire when the time comes. 

This week has felt really busy as we all being to get our heads down to prepare assignments and it certainly does feel like the end of 1st year is in sight...

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