Friday 10 April 2015

Week 29: PP2.1

Key Term: Getting to grips with The Care Act

[PP2 Week 1]

This week saw the start of my current practice placement which is in Adult Social Care within the council; It has been a tiring week trying to get my head around not only the services they provide and the assessments the OTs do but also beginning to get my head around the Care Act which has just come into force this month which is changing how the OTs approach their assessments and interventions. 

I've also had a chance to get to grips with the electronic notes system that is used in this setting, which I'm at least starting to feel more confident about. 

I'm looking forward to getting more hands on in the next few weeks. 

[Being a 'real' student]

Another placement away from home means another experience in 'student halls', this time on my own but thankfully closer to home so I can make it home every weekend! I decided that it would be better to move for placement to reduce the stress from commuting 5 days a week as the commute is over 2 hrs each way. But the first week in halls has actually turned out to be slightly more stressful than I would have liked due to the boilers getting changed meaning no hot water for nearly 3 days. 

I know I'm from Scotland so used to the cold but having a cold wash and trying to wash my hair in cold water in the sink was not fun! Thankfully it is back on now; It did give me time to reflect on how people who due to health conditions or who have mobility issues meaning they can't access their bath must feel having to just have a basin wash! 


Day one of placement also coincided with assignment results and my chance to co-host #OTalk which was exciting, as well as a very strange Skype chat regarding #OTalk student digital leader intern position I had applied for. This made Tuesday a very busy day & evening which I'm really glad I managed to stay awake through!! 

Now time to head back to Scotland for the weekend - Fingers crossed it's still sunny when I get there...

[Placement Blog Posts]

As with PP1, I plan to do a small blog post each week whilst on placement and then will do a longer one at the end to sum up... that's the plan at the moment anyways.

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