Thursday 30 April 2015

#OTPhotoChallenge 2015

As part of #OTMonth2015 (America) I took part in the @OTforKids 30 day 'OT Photo Challenge'
I have been using Instagram to do the challenge, so thought id let the rest of you see the pictures in one post...

Day 1: #ILove my other half and partner in crime

Day 2: #Occupied with one of my favourite boardgames

Day 3: #Rest

Day 4: #Travel

Day 5: #ImHappy because I have an incredible God, a fab
church family, It's Easter and It's Spring!

Day 6: #Help - Thankful for support to move into halls
before starting placement tomorrow

Day 7: #Routine - Today and most Tuesdays for the next
8 weeks of placement.
Often we forget how tiring changing out routine can be!

Day 8: #Work - Lots of reading about the Care Act for

Day 9: #MostFun - a year ago I was mid way through an
awesome trip to Australia.

Day 10: #feelings - Remembering my love for Harry Potter
this week. I think it is so important that as OTs to see the best
 in people and find out what makes them happy & gives them
meaning, and help them to be able to continue or access those things

Day 11: #nature - One of my favourite occupations is to
go for a good walk when its sunny.

Day 12: #Favourite - Here are some of my favourite people,
places and things. Too many to fit :) They keep me focused
and happy and are there in the good and the bad times.

Day 13: #IWill use social media to increase awareness
of occupational therapy and develop as a professional.

Day 14: #Adapt - I can adapt to make it easier for me
to read my lecture slides and notes by using coloured
overlays and paper

Day 15: #Mindful - As OTs we are holistic thinkers, we look
at where an individual is in their journey and importantly
we are mindful of what got them to this point and
where THEY want to go :)

Day 16: #Friends 

Day 17: #Chat - Couldn't go through #OTPhotoChallenge without
plugging one of my favourite occupations/CPD things.
 Check out #OTalk on twitter on Tuesdays between 8pm-9pm
for great chat on topics focusing on #occupationaltherapy
and #occupationalscience.

Day 18: #inspired - OT can change the world, one activity at a time.

Day 19: #unique - i love having the privilege to get to know what
makes each person unique! As an OT remembering the
importance of what makes each person who they are is key! 

Day 20: #meaning to me :). As OTs finding out and understanding peoples
cultures, beliefs, values and what makes the stuff we do
meaningful to them = meaning makes activities turn into occupations...

Day 21: #thisworld - It's an occupational world... #uocOT

Day 22: #ican master activity analysis in practice.

Day 23: #Memory - as OTs we like to get a good picture of each
individuals life and that can include their happy and sad
memories but we also can assess peoples cognition which
looks at a persons memory - this helps us gain a better understanding
on how an individual is able to manage their everyday tasks. 

Day 24: #habit - OT will focus on what's important to you, including what you like to do day to day. Its may look to
see if there is a way to #adapt those activities to accommodate for illness or injury so you can still engage in what you enjoy.

Day 25: #play - #OccupationalTherapy will use the things you enjoy as a way to help you therapeutically.
This may be through games, art, music, drama - the list is endless!
Occupation is key to helping someone engage,

Day 26: My #LeastFavourite part of studying to become an
 #OccupationalTherapist is the super early starts to commute to uni.
Love the rest of the experience! :)

Day 27: #Iwantto make a difference in peoples lives.
 I want to help them do the things they love and get the most out of their lives.

Day 28: #Change 

Day 29: #living 'If you want something you have never had, then
you've got to do something you have never done!'
Deciding to train to be an #occupationaltherapist is one of the best and scary
 decisions i've made in my life so far. I love that it allows
 me to help people go about #living their lives, doing the things that are meaningful to them

Day 30: #DefineOccupation 'the things you do day to day,
that are important and meaningful to you as an individual.'

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