Saturday 2 May 2015

Week 32: PP2.4

Key Term: Half Way Already!  

[PP2 Week 4]

This week involved more opportunities to lead parts of the OT process which is always a good thing on placement. I was grateful to get to spend a day with on of the Reablement OT and see some functional assessments in the persons home. I have always been fascinated with the role of OT in reablement in allowing people to remain in their own home. It comes under the prevention umbrella and that is important as it continues to be utilised and there is an obvious role for occupational therapists in the service. I like the concept that it helps people increase their confidence doing their day to day things and that the reablement plan can include things such as taking clients out for a walk outside the home to increase their confidence.  When you are out their reading the plans it does feel very OT! 

It also highlighted the differences in the client group that reablement was working with as appose to the main OT team in the office. Id say the reablement OT's see people that have a high level of mobility and generally are a lot weller than the OT's in the main team would see for moving and handling  or seating assessments. 

[Half Way Through Already!]

This week also included my half way report which I'm glad showed I was where (and at some points higher),  I was expecting to be at half way of placement and giving me a good plan of what I need to do in the second half to reach the level I want to be at.

[#OTMonth #OTPhotoChallenge]

This week also concluded my participation in the #OTphotochallenge as part of @OTforKids #OTmonth (America), do have a look on my blog post with the photos if you are interested.

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