Sunday 15 February 2015

Week 21: Back to uni...

Key Term: Synthesise,  Synthesise, Synthesise 

First week back in classes after placement; and everyones minds are focused on one thing - the next assignment.  

I have felt exhausted all week; if I could recommend anything to the course leaders to change; it would be the need for a wee off before coming back into uni, as I'm not at all convinced it is healthy for students to start new modules and focus on assignments when they are so tired. Maybe I'm just being a lightweight and need to suck it up and get on with it though... It is an accelerated course after all!

I'm excited to be starting our new module in Applied OT, (well apart from the dreaded presentation that I am trying to not think about at the moment) hopefully its going to teach us things we will use as OTs once graduated. 

We have also continued to learn about evidence based practise and the need for OT as a profession, to continue to develop the evidence base to aid its position  amongst other health and social care professions. 

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