Friday 22 January 2016

Year 2: Week 17 & 18 - Research Head is on!

I clearly should have stated at the start of this year I'd do fortnightly updates instead of weekly as I am finding it hard to make time every week, with deadlines looming...

The last few weeks have seen everyone start to focus on their dissertation as well as get stuck into our newest module.  I'll give you a brief update on both:


So I finished collecting my data before Christmas, but it's still sitting waiting to be be analysed - that is the next few weeks plan. I have been spending the last few weeks working out what I can use in my research portfolio (which makes up half the dissertation module, but is just pass or fail). I am reassured that apparently we will have been doing the things we need to add to it, we just need to work out what they are. I have a supervision next week so hopefully I will feel more in control after that.

I also need to look at my lit review which will form part of my article (the other half of the module where are mark is determined). I have spend the last few days looking at my proposal feedback more closely to work out where I can improve it before cutting it down and rewording it (the joys of self plagiarism...)

In hindsight I wish I had focused on this before Christmas but with placement, its hard to find the time and energy to work on a lit review.

Occupational Design:

Its been a busy too weeks preparing for our formative assignment which took the form of a detailed session plan for the intervention we are hoping to undertake in the next month or so. It has been really interesting to look at the evidence behind our intervention and explore a more role emerging OT role within our chosen setting, It has really made me appreciate how varied our role as OTs can be, and just how diverse our skills are and how they can be used in different ways.

I'll share more about this after we have undertaken the intervention as our ideas are still forming and changing in line with the evidence base and risk assessment.

I think life is going to feel even busier when we start our last module next week - Developing OT Practice. It looks to be a really helpful as we start our transition from student to practitioner, so I'm looking forward to get going with it.

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