Sunday, 10 January 2016

Year 2: Week 16 - OT on a Rail Replacement Bus

A 4:30am start is dark, cold and wet way to start the week...

The first week back after break away from university is always a challenge; but adding a 2 and a half hour coach journey each way and it is crushing. OK maybe a little mellow dramatic there; but its exhausting to say the least. I am however thankful to Virgin and Transpennine Trains for keeping everyone moving whilst the West Coast Train line is closed. 

New module, New group: 

The main part of the week focused on our newest module 'Occupational Design' which involves us working in groups to research and plan a client an  occupational  therapy intervention for a client group that we need to approach and arrange ourselves. We spent Monday  refreshing our knowledge on team working and then spent the afternoon learning about Palliative Care OT from visiting OTs from practice, which is another part of the module I'm looking forward too. Tuesday included the module launch lecture and we spent the rest of the allocated time to start thinking about our intervention. 

Intense speed: 

This week also included our PP3 Evaluation session which gave us time to reflect on our learning and share our experiences with each other. It's a tad scary to think our next placement session is just before we go out on our final placement in May. But with so much to do before then there really isn't time to worry about that, the dissertation deadline is fast approaching...

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