Tuesday 8 September 2015

Recharging our batteries

Recharging my batteries

I've been thinking a lot over the last week about batteries and how as an individual, I use my energy. Anyone who is close to me will know, I'm always tired, but for me It is almost normal to feel that way, it's like a faulty battery as such, no matter how much rest I get, I don't seem to stay charged for very long - Almost the impact of charging your iPhone with the iPad charger (If you have an iPhone and an iPad - don't do this! it wrecks the battery!), It does charge the phone, surprisingly fast but the charge doesn't stay long which creates problems... i.e. it doesn't last the day! During term time, this is how my energy works and for a lot of the day I feel I'm on the low battery alert, seeking out a charging point. 

I've been on 'summer holidays' for the last few weeks and thankfully have a few more to go before going back to university for my second year. I'm trying to balance fitting in all the other little things, I didn't have time to do during term time with getting enough rest time to really recharge my battery stockpile for feeling charged enough to start my final year. Yes anyone that knows me well, will say I'm always tired, they will probably also tell you how I like to be busy and doing things with my time so it's a challenge for me to sit and rest. 

I'm trying though, a work in progress... Now to 'veg' out Kelly style with a massive cup of hot chocolate and a book. 

Until next term... 

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