Saturday 13 December 2014

Week 12: Last week of Term

Key Term: Does my head look straight in this?

Well this week I found out my shoulders aren't alighted and my head isn't straight... thanks for that anatomy class! We spent the morning looking at physical assessments, but to be honest I spent a lot of the morning worrying about my lack of anatomy knowledge. I know what I'm reading up on over the Christmas holidays...

This week also included our practice placement launch lecture; I'm really excited to be going out on placement for 5 weeks after Christmas; to put into practice or at least start to make sense of the theory I have learned so far in the course. 

The week ended with our group interventions on Thursday. My learning set focused on art therapy techniques for use with people with PTSD and trust issues. I think it went quite successfully, I was glad our group was up first so I had limited time to get worried about it. We aimed for the group to work in pairs, with one partner blindfolded to make a Christmas picture, with the help and direction of the un-blindfolded person... I was actually really impressed with the final pictures considering the time limit and lack of sight...

The other groups sessions were really interesting too, which was a nice end of term activity for us all (even if technically it was a formative assessment). Now all we need to do is critically reflect on the process as part of our marked assignment that will be submitted this week and that will be us for Christmas.

I plan to blog more regarding the first term on MSc after I have submitted my assignment... so will have more reflections to come in the next week or so. 

For now: Enjoy your weekend! 

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