Saturday 25 June 2016

Year 2: Week 37-40: PP4: Part One

PP2.1-4: Getting the hang of it all...

I am well into my final placement and I'm exhausted. Acute Oncology is challenging on so many levels... It's fast paced, emotionally draining and physically hard work. But I love it. I am really enjoying the mix of physical and psychological aspects and it feels much more holistic than other acute settings. 

I have been getting to jump in and use my core OT skills and I'm thankful to be in such a supportive team that are willing to challenge me and give me opportunities to learn and develop my skills. Both my educators are working with me to help consolidate my skills as I prepare to transition from student to NQOT, which still feels like a massive jump but I'm getting there.  

4/10 weeks complete - It's going so fast.


What else has been going on:

In other news we got our dissertation results back...

                     It was a pass!

... and  for once I am actually really pleased with my result and feedback. I put so much into that piece into that research, so I'm glad that it paid off. 

In #OTalk news... Kirstie has joined the team as the new #OTalk intern, If you haven't met her on twitter already, why not say hi. 

#OTalk next week is also going to be live from #COT2016 so if you are around do come to the meet up in person and then join us on line from 8pm. #OTalkonTour

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