Thursday 31 March 2016

Year 2: Week 27 & 28 - Can you call it an Easter break?

Key Term: Carving Out Occupational Balance

So we have been on holiday from uni for the last two weeks, but it hasn't really felt like a break... With deadlines looming and lots to be getting on with it's been really hard to carve out time to rest and create some occupational balance. But hey no one said studying a masters would be easy. 

If I'm honest, this is something I have always struggled with when it comes to deadlines  I'm one of those works till i drop kind of people, a perfectionist that is never satisfied. As I have progressed through my masters I have begun to understand how detrimental that can be to my health and wellbeing and tried to adapt my approach. Drive is good! Burnout not so much...

This has meant I have made a point carving out time off over the Easter break, to spend with friends and family and just to relax, even if only a couple of days, as I am aware the next couple of months are going to be full on and I want to be at my best to tackle them with 100% of my effort and energy! 

So a quick recap on where I'm at with my modules:


I'm at the write up stage of my article which is really exciting, if not still a little daunting... more on that in the coming weeks. We have our formative MScOT Research conference on Wednesday so I've been busy sorting out my slides and working out the best way to share my research with the rest of the cohort. 

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Creative Occupations during our
Group Intervention

Occupational Design:

I'm nearly finished my reflection which is 50% of my mark in the module, but as I said above, the perfectionist in me is holding me back from submitting it, but with 2 weeks to go until the deadline, I'll be busy working on that a bit more in the coming week or so. 

Developing OT Practice:

We have had a few weeks away from this module whilst finishing the group work in Occupational Design, but start back with this on Thursday. It's our last module which still feels a bit unreal. 

I'm still thinking about the type of area I might want to focus my viva around in August, but struggling to reign in my options in the ever possible scope of occupational therapy. 


I have arranged a visit to my elective placement for this week, and I'm looking forward to finding out more about what the placement will look like and what I'll have the chance to learn whilst there. 

How fast has the last year and a half gone?

So it turns out we actually only have about 8 days physically in uni before we finish!!!! We have a 10 week placement too and Its spaced out over the 5 months we have left with lots of self directed study, but how scary is that!? The 2 years are flying by! 

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting prepping for PP2 (Thanks to TimeHop for reminding me, this morning). 

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