Saturday 6 February 2016

Year 2: Week 20 - Time to analyse the data

Key Term: Finding the themes

Another week another research focus, and this week has focused on the first of my data analysis, and it is so much more time consuming than I had anticipated... I feel sorry for my poor printer as the 304 pages that needed printed put a lot of strain on it and its ink supply! Even this stage took a whole afternoon! I almost wish I had used the uni printers, but can't see the queue of students being impressed by the wait to print their documents. 

I decided to use excel to record my themes, I had been planning to do it on paper and cut and stick my themes as i went along but this in it's self felt like it could cause too much procrastination so decided the laptop was the way forward. It's an ongoing process, which is taking a lot longer than I had planned but it's interesting to see the themes emerge as I go through. 

What else have I been doing?

If only we could just focus on the research then life would be so much more relaxed, but with two other modules bubbling along as well, time management is key to getting everything done. Im finding dedicating one day to each of the modules a week is working well and then any extra days can focus on any of the items that are higher priority for the week. 

We spent time this week in our Developing OT practice module hearing from a tutor int he business school, about business planning, which reminds my of my undergraduate degree a little to much. I was however pleasantly surprised to see so many transferable skills between both sectors, those skills will at least come in handy for something. 

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