Saturday 19 December 2015

Year 2: Week 12 & 13: PP3.5+6

The final 2 weeks of placement started off rather quietly due to #StormDesmond causing flooding in Cumbria - meaning I was stranded in Edinburgh since there were no trains running on the West Coast main line... If thats not an nudge to learn to drive don't know what is?!

I used my days away from placement to work on a case study as I wasn't sure how long I would be stuck in Edinburgh and I wanted to be using the time productively to meet my assessment outcomes. This wasn't on my learning contract but I felt that adapting ways of showing my learning was really important with the uncertainty of the weather. Utilising the case study helped me link the theory behind MOHO to an individual in practise to understand what assessment tools where used and why. 

Thankfully I only missed a couple of days and was glad to get back down, to get on with the practical aspects of placement. The rest of the week focused on a practical AMPS assessment and activity analysis of making a cup of tea with a client and writing up assessments from the end of the previous week. I also had an opportunity to accompany one of the other OTs on a social/welfare visit to client on home leave which was really interesting and a great opportunity to see one of the clients in there own home, this also helped me understand how they can manage positive risk taking with clients in this setting. 

The last week of placement was filled with lots of activities such as Christmas wreath making, baking and an inter-ward mince pie competition. Some of the activities were more successful than others but all in all a great last week.

As I've said before, I will be posting a longer summary of the whole placement in the coming weeks. But for now I'm happy to share I passed this placement and had such a great experience with the team in this setting, I really didnt want to finish this placement as I really did feel part of the team. 

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