Friday 5 June 2015

Week 37: The Week of Being a Tourist and BAOT N&Y Student Conference


Key Term: Occupational Balance
Panda Selfie at Edinburgh Zoo

The week between finishing placement and going back to uni for the last few months of first year was filled with fun, food and inspiration. Any health care student or practitioner reading this that has had placement as part of their training how all consuming they can be when you are on them. I don't say this as a negative, I enjoy getting to really delve into it when I'm on placement but it is a tiring experience that takes most of my energy anyways. It can sometimes feel that you have lost the occupational balance when you are also trying to do uni work so I felt having a friend to visit gave a brilliant excuse to re balance and have a bit of fun being a tourist in my own city. I had such a fun time just exploring the city and enjoying the sunny weather. 

Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo
Edinburgh adventures...

We spend a day exploring Edinburgh Zoo (which was unusually quiet) in the sun! Yes it was sunny in Scotland!

I was inspired by some art in the many Art Galleries visited around Edinburgh. The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art was my personal favourite! 

I also got to share my love of Edinburgh Castle with Vicky which I'm sure was a super Scottish experience for her - Learning about the history of battles between Scotland and England. 

It was also really good to spend some time just chilling over food and tea, which is always a plus!

York adventures....

The end of the week was spent in York to attend the BAOT N&Y Student conference, I will blog about this soon so look out for my thoughts on the day. 

The trip also gave us time to explore York the day before and be tourists there too.  It really is such a beautiful city and has lots of history to learn about - clearly could have done than more than half a day to explore... Seems like a good excuse to revisit in the future! 

Ready and re-energised to tackle the rest of first year!!

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