Friday 15 May 2015

Week 34: PP2.6

Key Term: Finding my feet

[PP2 Week 6]

I'm trying a new way of blogging this week to see if it helps me to understand more on how to link my experiences with the professional standards for placement; I will updating key points and experiences I have had as I go through the week... (Wont make much difference to you reading it, but might explain the strange layout).

Client Centred Skills : Management Skills : Interpersonal Skills : Professional Skills

Some of the things I did this week on placement... 

Leading on 3 equipment reviews and review of client needs 
Basically another chance for me to lead on some assessments, gathering the information from the client and problem solving any issues that came up, I was thankful to have the my educator there still as they have so much more local knowledge which is really handy when trying to advice clients on their options.
I have found that the paperwork which has been changed in the organisation o reflect the changes from the Care Act actually do help get a picture of what is important to the client, and also focus on what is giving them the best quality of life.

Utilised the electronic notes system to update client records
This week has given me opportunities to update addresses and contact numbers for clients (Which is helpful as this would probably be done by an admin staff member but since I had taking the information it allowed me to figure out how to work the system a bit more.)  I've also been continuing to input case notes after having contact with clients either over phone, in person and even inter-professional discussion. 
I have also been inputting assessment information following above assessments and adding to assessments from last week which is increasing my confidence and allowing me to develop me 'concise' writing skills. I have found this quite difficult on this placement as in I'm used to writing quite in-depth notes in hospital settings. It's a skill that I'm slowly realising is essential to be able to do as an OT so that the important information is recorded and can be understood by other professionals reading them. 

Liaising with colleagues
Phone: Liaising with OT's from different teams/settings regarding clients needs and sharing information appropriately to aid assessment. 
Liaising with management OTs regarding aspects of assessment paperwork/procedure.
Liaising with Care Agencies regarding availability.
Face to face: Liaising with Grants department regarding progress of financial assessment for a client I am following up.
Liaising with duty social worker regarding clients need for social worker review.
Liaising with OT manager regarding aspects of eligibility for advice under care act. 

Closing referrals on electronic system
Closing referrals on system, when no further OT input is required by team at present, using correct procedure within organisation. 

Prescribing equipment
Prescribing bathing equipment to be trialled with client next week.

"Buddying" with the next OT Student 
This week also gave me the opportunity to chat with the next OT student who is starting in the department the week after I finish. Hopefully this has allowed them to feel more confident about starting their placement. It also gave me the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with them that I have had on this placement to help them prepare. 

Spent some time with the Low Vision Clinic

It gave me an opportunity to see the role of ROVI in the clinic setting (having previously been out on a few visit with the ROVI staff) to help people have earlier input of services before they loss their independence. 

This week I have actually felt like I knew what I was doing which is a much more reassuring feeling than I've had in previous weeks. I can't believe it is the end of week 6... only two more to go with this placement and then back to uni.

I'm off to do some reading and tackle my case study!

Have a good weekend!! 

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