Friday 6 March 2015

Week 24: A mixed bag of a week...

Key Term: Step Forward

This week has included research module, applied OT and moving and handling so it has been a really mixed week. 

We refreshed our knowledge on ethics for research, and also began to think of posiblw ideas for our research proposals which fingers crossed next year we will follow through with our masters dissertation. Im actually quite excited about research which is an odd concept for me as during my undergrad I really hated doing my dissertstion on a topic I didnt really have an interest in. We are having our dissertation module launched next week along with our research module so we can understand the link between them more... So that should be really interesting. 

Applied OT gave us an oppurtunity to look at different standardised assesments which was good, and helped me understand diffrent ways of focusing assesments with patients.

Moving and Handling was practical as you can imagine; I also noticed how unnatural stepping forward can be with another person... I must have an odd wsy of walking I think. It was good to refresh my skills though which is always a plus.  

Now for a weekend of brainstorming research proposal ideas! 

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