Friday 6 February 2015

Week 20: PP1.5

Key Term: PP1 Passed!

[PP1 Week 5]

... and placement is complete and passed. I've had another great week at placement, continuing with some of the work with a few children and also being involved in risk Ax and initial assessments. 

The longer I have spent with the team of OTs/Physios and critical care nurses in the more I am excited about eventually qualifying as an occupational therapist and the difference I could make to children and families lives if I chose to work in paediatrics. There was such a committed team of professionals that care deeply about the children and families that they work with; makes me proud to be studying towards working in such a caring profession.

I will post a full round up of PP1 of the next few days :) 

[Being a 'real' student]

My room in halls is pretty much packed up ready to head home in the morning and I'm excited to be at home for the next 6 weeks before my next placement. 

I'm thankful for not being on my own during this placement and having fellow MSc'ers to spend time with and share the experience with. 

Now to prep for next weeks classes! 

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