Friday 21 November 2014

Week 9: It's Important to Breathe...

Key Term: Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

I have thought alot about what to write in this post because I have had quite a difficult week at uni and havent felt very positve about it for a massive proportion of the week. I want this blog to be a positive one that I can look back on a chart what and how I learned over the 24 months of the MSc; but also want it to be a honest document on the experience as well. 

But as I sit and reflect on the week which has had me quite near my breaking point for a number of reasons that I wont bore you with... I am incredibly thankful for the  support  network I have in my fellow students and also in the staff at university. As I think about the feelings I encountered and the how negative I was; my learning set were there to problem solve and work with me so I could still preform the task at hand; be it a smaller part than originally planned. 

Im also thankful for knowledgeable staff able to sign post and also be honest and frank with me when I felt completely overwhelmed. I imagine it will be something I can look back on and learn from even if currently im not completely able to do so.

This week focused on learning about enviromental infulences on how we develop and access our occupations which is a really intresting topic and I feel a very important one as OTs seek to understand clients as individual holistic beings. 

My weekend has focused on assignments which the deadlines are fast approaching... I cant believe how quickly this first term is going, its going to be Christmas before we know it! 

Anyways I should probally get back to writing my assignment...

Until next time! Have a good week!  

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