Friday 10 October 2014

Week 3: A four day week

Key Term: Anatomy (with models)

This week was one of a couple of four day university weeks I have over the first year. I've had the usual classes with an extra day in to cover some anatomy and Portfolio planning.

Anatomy was enjoyable if not slightly eye opening in regards to the amount we have to learn... Good news that there is no formal assesment for it in the MSc course. Although will mean having to be really disciplined to learn the stuff I will need to know to be a good OT.

Also had time this week to refresh on searching journals and e-resourcesfor our  Research and Scholarship module, where our first assesment is due in a couple of weeks! 

Scary thought of the week: 3 weeks into course and my first one week placement is in 3 weeks time. If the time goes as fast as the last few weeks i'll be on a ward before i know it.

Nearly my train stop... Until next time :)

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