Friday 3 October 2014

Week 1: Welcome Week

Key term: Overwhelmed! 

Like all first weeks, be it school, college, work or university. The first week is always overwhelming and this first week was no different.

I chose to stay down in Carlisle for the week and im glad that I did. The mountain of new information added with meeting so many new people contributed  to feeling rather exhausted all week and being 10 mins away from campus instead of 2 hours commute away certainly helped me surivive this first week.

I met such an amazing bunch of people that I think are going to make the next two stressful years, a lot of fun!! 

The week consisted of introductions, info of services the university had to offer, group working and a group presentation on the topic of entertainment in Carlisle.

The week was great for getting to know the class and the area as well as bits about the course.

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